Hailing from Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Bucktown USA), Ruste Juxx first appeared on guest appearances for Heltah Skeltah’s Magnum Force (1998). Kicking two verses on the album, Ruste Juxx created an instant buzz in the underground hip hop scene.

A battle rapper by nature, Juxx’s bars mix hard flows with clear lyrics. His delivery is assertive on every track he spits on, and he has a consistency record that is unmatched.

He released his debut album, Indestructible, in 2008 via Duck Down. It was executive produced by Sean Price, and producers included Marco Polo and Black Milk. He subsequently collaborated with Marco Polo on the 2010 album The Exxecution.

Ruste Juxx teamed up with French producer Kyo Itachi from Shinigamie Records in 2012. Together they produced the album “Hardbodie Hip Hop” featuring the single “F**k Ruste Juxx”.

In 2013, Juxx started his own record label, Blaze My Fire. Along with VS The Best, he released the album “Ready to Juxx” in conjunction with Soulspazm.

His 8th studio album, “Meteorite” was his second body of work with France’s Kyo Itachi and was also released on Shinigamie Records in 2016.

International Juxx is the latest project by Ruste Juxx and it features fans, or Juxxaholics, from across the Earth rapping alongside of him. We can hear several languages on the album, including Arab, Spanish, Deutsch and more.

Ruste Juxx also stays very busy by featuring on songs produced by other artists and producers. He is also constantly touring across the world performing anywhere from Europe to Asia, and any place where they love real Hip Hop.